As the first Jack Wheaton mystery, this is a story of intrigue, passion, betrayal and murder. The chase begins with a bang in Boston, but the fireworks really spark in Atlanta below the king and queen towers on the cover. An industrial Cold War between rival pharmaceutical giants results in the creation of a cure for fibromyalgia by one and a diagnostic test by the other (Both obscenely lucrative). Associate Professor Anita Thomas, the youngest member of the biotech team for the cure, gets fired for digging too deeply into the details where she finds flaws in the formula. Meanwhile she discovers nature's solution to Fibro; better, cheaper and out of reach of her former employers. The game is a foot as a rogue pharmaceutical executive (Orson Quirk) playing both sides against the middle, will stop at nothing to get her formula and silence Anita forever. Now Anita is running for her life under an assumed identity in the guise of a medical intern. Only her supervising 3rd year resident, Dr. Jack Wheaton, stands between Anita and certain death. Unless they get away, the drug will never see the light of day...and neither will they.



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